Elichai Fine Jewelry, located in Billings MT, crafts fine custom jewelry that helps fulfill the dreams of our clients. We produce a variety of custom jewelry and accessories, including rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and more. We love to design and create custom swords, tiaras, crowns, or other fine precious objet d’art you desire. With us, you can experience the freedom of uniqueness flowing from a vivid imagination, and delight in the many rare treasures the world has to offer. Our company is dedicated to creating quality jewelry meticulously crafted to meet the tastes and lasting values of our clients. We use the finest materials and will search the world for any gem you desire. We also reset special client pieces and recondition and restore fine vintage jewelry. Our commitment to skill and art is profound and we continue to add to our long list of rare skills and services. Handmade filigree, vintage and modern hand engraving, metal sculpting, and advanced gem setting are a few of the skills we have to offer.

401 North 31st St, Suite 725
Billings, Mt 59101
10-5, M-F or By Appointment



“Elichai, I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for the beautiful job you did crafting my ring. I wish I’d been able to catch you the day I picked it up so I could’ve thanked you personally as my ring is more perfect than I imagined it would be. For years, I’ve wanted a ring like that you made me, but I wanted the ring to be special, with special meaning. When I decided to go to law school in ’07, I don’t think I knew what I was getting into- it was not an enjoyable 3 yrs. I was very fortunate to have an amazing support system in my family, including my grandparents & aunt. Its for this reason that the sapphires thay gave me upoon graduation are so special and why I decided to set them as a ring. I thank you again for your time & incredible craftsmanship for both, in combination with the ring’s meaning to me, have resulted in something priceless.”

– Rachel
Helena, MT

Services & Products At Billings Jewelry Store

Elichai Fine Jewelry crafts custom jewelry by hand for our customers. Whether it’s rings, belt buckles, bracelets, anklets, purses, lighters or other custom jewelry, we’ll work in close collaboration with our clients to create jewelry that exceeds their expectations. When you work with Elichai Fine Jewelry, you can count on:

  • Personal consultations – We work closely with our clients to ensure our jewelry fits their specifications. We’re more than happy to discuss the materials useprocess forieces and our processfor crafting fine custom jewelry for our clients.
  • Masterful design – Each piece of custom jewelry is carefully planned before our craftsmen begin work, allowing us to address any potential challenges to completing our clients request early in the process.
  • Expert craftsmanship – Our staff of jewelers includes award-winning craftsmen who work meticulously to create beautiful pieces that match the requests of our clients.
  • Finest gems and precious metals available – We work with only the best raw materials to ensure the highest quality jewelry for our customers.

Elichai Fine Jewelry is proud to serve the Billings, MT area, but also anywhere in the United States.

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