Many people are interested in alternative choices for their engagement ring, but if you do not want a diamond as your center stone, sapphire is one of the best choices because of its durability, choice of colors, and relative affordability. Pink sapphire is a wonderful choice! Not only because of the above mentioned reasons, but there are endless shades of pink, from light pink that is just a blush, to hot pink, magenta, and desert rose pink. There are fun bubbly pinks, mature stately pinks, vibrant vivacious pinks! All to be had in the lovely gem, sapphire! A pink sapphire engagement ring is definitely not what all your friends will have! It is a conversation piece, and says something beautiful about who you are.

Pink Sapphire Ring

This pink sapphire engagement ring might say” I’m an active, creative and strong woman”. It is definitely made to last and to work with the wearer’s lifestyle. It was very affordable and unique.

Pink Sapphire Ring With Blue Yogo Sapphire Accents

This beautiful pink sapphire and diamond ring also has Montana Yogo sapphire accents. It was designed for an equestrian professional and made to be worn every day. Most designs that you would like for a diamond center can be made with a sapphire as the main gem without a problem.

Loose Pink Sapphire Gems Pink Sapphires on Hand

As you can see, in just these four gems you have such a variety! Some are natural unheated sapphires, while others have been heated to enhance or even out the color, but the bottom line is: If you like pink like I do, these are lovely! Pink sapphire is also a lovely alternative to pink diamonds! We have been able to find it in the same hues as many pink diamonds, and for a fraction of the cost. In conclusion, although there are many other pink gemstones out there, pink sapphire is the most durable option after diamond, and you can get a large gem for a reasonable price. We enjoy pink sapphires and believe you will too. If you like pink, but pink diamonds and sapphires are not for you, you might consider pink spinel or pink tourmaline. Don’t hesitate to call us or email us with

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