Custom Bracelets for Sale

Custom Bracelets Capture Your Story

Bracelets can remind us of the big things—becoming a parent. Or a grandparent. Remembering a place. Treating ourselves, because it was time. Or of the person that designed a bracelet, just for us. We love working closely with you to create a truly custom bracelet—there’s so much room to include special stones, create detailed engravings, hide secret messages, and tell a story fully.

You can see bracelets that others designed below.
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An overview of our Custom Bracelets process:

To us, custom means more than pairing a certain band with a chosen stone from our store and adding an engraving. Your piece is designed from your story and lifestyle, not a template. Often, we’ll source stones and gems especially for you. And we love adding special touches, from hidden stones to personalized engravings.

We’d be honored to create a piece that matches your values—we’re already committed to ethical jewelry.

Step 1: Free Consultation

Meet with us over a cup of coffee or tea, where we’ll begin by asking a lot of good questions about you, or the intended wearer.

Our initial meeting is about more than taste and style—it ensures that we’re building a piece that fits a real life, including the wearer’s hobbies, work and play.

Step 2: Approve Your Vision

Within 2 business days of your consultation, you’ll have a complete design, bid, and timeframe. (Often, we’re able to show you a sketch or idea during your consultation). From here, we can adjust until you’re ready for us to craft your custom bracelet.

Step 3: Delight in Your Piece.

We’ll spend the next few weeks sourcing stones and refining your jewelry (or months, for truly complex pieces). Once your jewelry is finished, you are welcome to pick it up personally, or have it shipped to you overnight via insured FedEx or UPS. Then, consider us your lifetime jeweler, available to take care of your piece for generations.

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