Respect is the heart of everything we do.

Respect is what connects us to our clients and allows us to build what’s in their minds. It’s what unites us with our gem dealers and source mines in finding ethical stones. And it’s what drives us to give back, whenever we can.

 Our Sourcing Ethics

Our gem sourcing process is intentional. We travel so we can work with our gem dealers on a personal level, growing the relationship on trust over years. Since we know where your gem came from, sometimes down to the exact mine, you can, too. We are also honored to provide vintage gems or reuse your own in our creation of your new design.

All of our diamond dealers adhere to the Kimberly Process (which forbids trade in conflict diamonds), and we often take things several steps further, sourcing premium diamonds straight from the mine. Many of our diamonds come directly from reputable mines in Canada and Australia. Most of the sapphires we sell are from Montana, and we have direct relationships with the miners. We welcome your questions and look forward to partnering with you to sustain a better world.

 Our Craftsmanship Ethics

Our deepest desire is to delight you with personal jewelry built to be enjoyed for generations. We believe jewelry should “wear” well, and design it to match your lifestyle. We strive for durability in our designs, both through knowledgeable craftsmanship and sourcing the finest materials available.

We make extreme efforts when working with your family heirlooms, even if another jeweler has told you they aren’t “valuable.” Your keepsakes are always valuable to us. We consider it our honor to repair them, or incorporate them lovingly into new pieces. The memories they link to are priceless.

 Our Causes

We envision a kinder world, and support organizations that focus on helping the oppressed and broken; caring for our communities and educating people to make better choices and have an positive impact on our world. A few of the causes we support are Greater Yellowstone Coalition, the Stafford Animal Shelter, the FFA, the Aspen Shelter for Women, the YMCA, The Global Leadership Summit, The Billings Clinic Foundation, Shane Lalani Center for the Arts, and the Livingston Depot.

The founders of ELICHAI Fine Jewelry believe deeply in adoption, and encourage others to consider caring for the many children that do not have families.  Please feel free to contact Child Bridge of Montana, The Sacred Portion of Bozeman, or World Vision for ways to get involved.

Our pieces are handcrafted and unique to each customer.
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