Custom Wedding Rings: Made for Life

How can a wedding ring celebrate a big love—and survive work, play, and real life? With our custom wedding ring design process, we learn all about you and your loved one. Tastes are important, but so is wearing your ring with work gloves, while sewing, or with a left-handed fly rod. We can incorporate elements from family heirlooms, add secret messages to the inside, or whatever else moves you.

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Each custom wedding ring is made to order.
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An overview of our Custom Wedding Rings process:

To us, a custom wedding ring means more than pairing a band design with a stone from a design program. For us, a custom ring means intertwining your journey with your life into a unique presentation.  Something that is completely you.  The design is completed with intrinsically meaningful personal touches that make the wedding ring uniquely you.

We’d be honored to create a piece that matches your values—we’re already committed to ethical jewelry.

Step 1: Free Consultation

In our free consultation, we will dig into the meaning and purpose of your wedding ring.  By taking what is unique about your story and life, and incorporating it into a design that will not just match your style, but equally match your lifestyle and hobbies.  A proper custom wedding ring will be designed to be worn frequently, if not constantly while enjoying what you or your significant other love most.

Step 2: Approve Your Vision

Within 2 business days of your consultation, you’ll have a complete design, bid, and timeframe. (Often, we’re able to show you a sketch or idea during your consultation). From here, we can adjust until you’re ready for us to craft your custom rings.

Step 3: Delight in Your Piece.

We’ll spend the next few weeks sourcing stones and refining your jewelry (or months, for truly complex pieces). Once your jewelry is finished, you are welcome to pick it up personally, or have it shipped to you overnight via insured FedEx or UPS. Then, consider us your lifetime jeweler, available to take care of your piece for generations.

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