How to Buy An Engagement Ring
  • Objective: To get the special girl in your life to say yes
  • Challenge: To find something that says “you are one in a million”

Find The Engagement Ring For the Woman Of Your Dreams

Now that you’ve finally found the woman you can’t let slip through your fingers, what do you offer as a token of your unending love and devotion? An engagement ring.

You are probably new to getting engaged, and there are lots of jewelers pushing their inventory, mostly with gimmicks like “50% off!,” “Get a free TV with purchase!,” or “Wholesale pricing!” While you may appreciate the bonus of a TV or the triumph of a discount, how confident are you that you’ve actually made a purchase worthy of your love and desire? Not very.

What if, instead, you worked with a jewelry designer to make the ring of her dreams? Before you object that you don’t know enough to work with a designer, let’s reflect on why we hire professionals to do jobs we don’t know how to do in the first place: because they know how to do them, and we don’t! A good designer will listen, educate, and communicate throughout the process to ensure you get the ring will melt her heart.

Women want to be known and loved almost more than they want a husband, so it’s a great place to start with your proposal.

Since the idea of working with a custom jewelry designer may be daunting, we’ve come up with a list of some things to consider before you book your appointment.

Tips for designing her dream engagement ring:

    1. Think about her lifestyle: Does she work hard and play hard? Is she an office executive, chef, teacher, or nurse? Is she outdoorsy? What does she do for fun? It matters to the designer for function and wearability.
    2. Think about her taste in art and clothing: Does she wear fancy patterns? It she into simple, modern, vintage, classical or rustic?
    3. What colors does she love or look especially good in?
    4. Is there an important family heirloom diamond to consider, or do you buy a new one?
    5. What is her approximate ring size.
    6. What is on her Pinterest board? (I know a lot of guys don’t dig Pinterest, but you can find out a lot about her taste from what she pins and likes.)
    7. What metal color does she want and what is her skin tone?
    8. Does she want a diamond center stone or an alternative such as sapphire or ruby?

Time to Start Designing the Engagement Ring

If you have even half of these questions answered, you will be a Rockstar collaborating with your designer to design her engagement ring. Not only will she be speechless when she sees it, but when she realizes how much thought and effort you put into making her something no other woman has, your effort of love will speak to her every time she sees it on her finger.

Talk With Close Friends and Family

Secret weapon: If you have good relationships with close friends or family, enlist one of them as a pair of less suspicious eyes and ears to get the information you need without tipping your hand that you are working on a surprise. Call it espionage if you like! It’s for a good cause!

What if she already knows or you’re not keeping it a secret? Then invite her into the process and build another loving memory into your design! Make sure to let your designer know if you are planning on sharing the cost details with your fiancé ahead of time so they know how to discuss costs and options discreetly.

Are you still not sure that you can succeed at the custom design process without her input and you want to keep the proposal a surprise? Here’s what we suggest: find the designer you want to work with, work with them to buy a nice Centerstone and have them mount it in a basic solitaire. After she says yes; ask her to join you in designing her actual engagement ring. Let her know you’ve been working with a designer who will help her design the ring of her dreams. It’s a win, win. You get to keep your proposal a surprise and you get to ace the engagement ring design because it will be EXACTLY what she wants.

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