When it comes time to propose to that someone special, choose an engagement ring that shows your true feelings and fits the recipient’s taste and style. Whether you are looking for something along the lines of a traditional cut and setting or something a little more custom and truly personal, you can trust the fine jewelry professionals at Elichai. From loose stones to custom engagement rings for both men and women, you are going to love your new diamond engagement ring from Elichai. Find your way to our easy to navigate website or to one of our locations nearest you to get the best prices, best selection, highest quality, and most breathtaking custom diamond engagement rings around.

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

There are a lot of truly personal things that go into finding the perfect engagement ring that vary from person to person. Everything from the cut of the diamond, color, and clarity of the stone, to the type of precious metal and the setting of the stone itself all play a considerable part of what makes an engagement ring perfect. For that special person in your life, only a custom engagement ring from Elichai will do. No matter what characteristic it is that you are looking for, we will go the extra mile to ensure that you get the perfect ring from our custom ring experts.

Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring

From the moment you first meet with our custom engagement ring experts, whether in person, by phone, or through email, you will know that you are working with the best in the business when it comes to custom designed engagement rings. Whether you come to us with an idea that is nothing more than a thought in your head, a roughly drawn picture, or a picture of a family heirloom that you are looking to recreate, you are going to love the attention to detail and extremely high quality of the rings produced by our professional jewelers. Browse our website to see some of the rings that we have made for clients in the past and learn about the process of designing a custom engagement ring of your very own.

Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking to make a statement with a custom engagement ring, a diamond is a perfect way to get things started. Whether you are looking for something big and bold or something more conservative and equally breathtaking, a custom diamond engagement ring from Elichai will help you make a statement when it matters. Whether used as an accent stone for a different type of stone, or as a standalone, there is no doubting the timeless beauty of a flawless diamond in the perfect setting. When the time comes to find a diamond engagement ring of your very own, give the custom ring experts at Elichai a call to set up your appointment.

Designing and Finding your dream 5 Carat Ring

While a diamond on its own can say more than words ever could, a custom five carat diamond engagement ring from Elichai will take even the most outspoken person’s breath away. However, a diamond this large cannot do it all on its own and requires experience and the knowledge to get the most out its beauty. With that in mind, and with stones of this size and this quality, only the perfect setting will do. That is why we work so hard to ensure that all of our rings and stones are perfectly cut to accentuate all the facets and the pure unmarred clarity of your stone. For the perfect moment, only the perfect custom diamond engagement ring will do. When your custom ring is finished, you are going to have a ring that lasts through a lifetime of wear, but you are also going to have a ring that will soon become a family heirloom worthy of passing down through your families generations. Get started designing your custom five carat diamond engagement ring, and make memories from the moment she says “yes”.

What to Look For In A Diamond Suitable For Use In A Custom Engagement Ring

While there are several aspects of designing a custom diamond engagement ring that can only be described as personal, there are other aspects that simply stem from quality. Largely, it all breaks down to what is described as the four Cs. Carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. Carat weight is pretty self evident when it comes to value. Usually the larger the weight, the more value is perceived with the diamond itself. Color, when it comes to the diamond for your engagement ring is broken down into a five part scale on a grading system from D to Z. The perfect diamond is colorless, but diamonds are graded from the bottom and viewed from the top. Clarity is based on an 11 point scale that starts at a “flawless” rating and moves on up to higher numbers and ending at a score of 12 that is listed as “Included.” Cut also makes use of a scale and goes from “Ideal Cut” at a 1 and moves on up to “Poor Cut” at a 10. While all of this factors affect diamond value and perceived quality, only you can decide which of these categories are important to you. Choosing the right stone that meets your desired ratings in all of these categories is a sure way to get the perfect stone for your custom designed engagement ring.

What to Look For In A Precious Metal For Use In A Custom Engagement Ring

Once you have your stones selected for your custom engagement ring that suit your particular budget and personal taste, choosing the right precious metal for setting the stone should be one of your next considerations. While many people focus on gold and silver, many other options are available for use that provide quality, value, and wearability for years to come. Titanium, platinum, white gold, and other options all provide a truly unique touch to your custom engagement rings. If you are looking for a particular look or style of ring, a professional and experienced jeweler can help you make an informed choice as to which one may be the right choice for your particular application. In our years designing and building custom engagement rings, we have learned what makes the difference between a good ring and a truly great one. Let us put our years of experience to work for you and give you a ring that you and your spouse can treasure for years to come.

Make Your Engagement Ring Truly Custom

Once you have your engagement ring designed and built, there are still yet other ways to make it truly custom and something that will have lasting meaning to you for countless years to come. One of the ways to customize your loved one’s engagement ring is by having important things such as an important date, such as a meeting or wedding date, you and your future spouse’s initials, or something truly unique and equally as special hand engraved into your ring. There is nothing more special than a message and a custom ring that is designed to endure, just as your marriage is sure to. Should you choose to add additional stones to your setting due to births in your growing family, you can design your ring with the expectation of growth in mind. A ring that reflects your family is a beautiful thing and can truly be made more so by working with the custom ring experts at Elichai.

Care to Ensure The Longevity and Brilliance of Your Custom Ring

After the wedding day, care of our wedding rings is not always something that readily comes to mind. For many people, it is an afterthought until something tragic like the loss of a stone or the loss of luster from your rings metal takes place. For lifelong care of your ring, you should have regularly scheduled cleanings done to ensure that your ring is looking as beautiful as the first day that you proposed. A checkup on your ring will allow our gemologists to ensure that your stones setting is tight and you are not likely to lose any stones on your ring through daily wear. For certain metals, replating may be necessary to ensure that your ring stays the color and luster that it is supposed to through that continuous wear as the natural oils on your skin and general wear affect the metals associated with metal plating. To learn more about the post build services that we offer for your custom diamond engagement ring, stop by one of our locations nearest you, give us a call, or send an email to learn how we can help your ring stay looking great for years to come.

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