Extraordinary Yogo Sapphire Pendant

Extraordinarily Rare Gemstone Pendant

Deep in the heart of Montana, in the artist C.M. Russell’s favorite stomping grounds hidden in a little gulch, is the mine for tone of the rarest gems on the planet, the Yogo Sapphire. The sapphire is named after the creek it was found in, Yogo Creek, and is the only sapphire that does not require heat treating to improve its color.

Some Just Need to Be Shown Off

Local miners in the latter half of the nineteenth century ignored the blue pebbles clogging their sluice boxes. It wasn’t until 1894 that anyone realized these incomparable stones were worth more than gold!

The Yogo Mine was first opened in 1895 and has been run sporadically since then because of the difficulty of the mining, poor management, and the nature of the Wild West.

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