The Making of a Scottish Treasure

An Heirloom Reborn

This is one of the most meaning-infused pieces we have produced. The heirlooms of our client’s family were taken and used to create an heirloom for the generations to come.

She came to Elichai with pieces of jewelry that had been significant in her family history- a pin of her father’s Scottish clan regalia, her mother’s wedding ring, a gemstone from a beloved close family member. Each diamond in the ring was handed down through the generations and had come to rest in the hands of this lady, and the aquamarine was the center of a pendant worn by a dearly loved family member.

The intricately pierced artwork was copied from her father’s clan’s regalia, from a pin that held the cape that was part of his garb for traditional Scottish ceremonies. The client brought us two platinum rings, which we used as the primary metal when we fabricated the piece, and we used the gold from her mother’s ring to line the inside, giving even additional meaning to the piece.

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